Mini-Blogging (Sept’2018)


“Being an Entrepreneur isn’t about chasing after your dreams, it’s about never giving up to make your dreams a reality.” 

Crafting an idea and bringing it to life, leading the team in the direction of the goal, bringing the coordination among the different members and advancing towards the rewards and the achievements are only a few of the many aspects of running a school business, and being a part of it.

We, as the member of the school business team, are the bricks that hold the foundation of the school business strong and stern, as we work together for a single cause of its progress. Not only it profits our school business, but also inculcates the successful personality attributes in us that will be with us in every walk of life, even after school.

Leadership skills, team spirit, focused mind with heart so pure,

Transforms a student into a young successful entrepreneur…

Being a part of the school business team brings with it many challenges and obstacles, and learning to overcome them is what builds our critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. This proves to be an asset in the corporate world that we enter just after stepping out of the gates of the school. Creating a connection and bringing about a coordination among us prepares us for the work environment and teaches us how to find our way through the maze of business challenges, together. Here’s how we spread around for a market survey to collect the valuable information for our plans.


Dave Thomas once said, “What do you need to start a business? Three simple things: know your product better than anyone, know your customer, and have a burning desire to succeed.”

Project ‘Sambhav’ is a strive by our school that aims o encourage sustainable development goals. The prime focus of this project is to foster entrepreneurship skills in students while working for the betterment of the society. Being a part of this project, ensures the holistic development of an individual. This project offers a hands-on experience in the fields of business, entrepreneurship, marketing, social work and so on. Team Sambhav works in the field of social innovation. The project thus focuses on business and the environment.

Recognizing the need for the promotion of Afforestation in today’s world. The team went out to a nearby Nursery in Pandav Nagar near Akshardham Temple to know about inclination of people towards buying plants and saplings.

The school offers a wide range of Handmade Products. The experience of marketing these our goods helps us to learn about the principles of marketing including the Info about the Product, its Promotion and Pricing. The members gained experience in Customer Dealing and Communication Skills through this venture.

Thus, we sell the goods at a reasonable price through various exhibits held during the major events of our school. Collecting profits by selling the products, we went out for a noble cause to lend a helping hand for underprivileged children, studying at a school, under the Yamuna Bank bridge. Our team also taught them the basic skills to create handmade products. This all was culminated by distribution of supper to them.

Several Interactive Sessions such as Visiting an Orphanage, NGO visits and Stepping ahead for underprivileged have helped the team members to gain experience about the work done for the Upliftment and Empowerment of underprivileged sections of the society.

 The fruits of our business profit, as we shared them with the children of the Orphanage “Rajendra Ashram”, Pandav Nagar.

Thus, as leaders of tomorrow, the team members have incorporated social development as one of the objectives of this project.

Being a part of Team Sambhav has helped the members to learn about business, social work,community service, sustainable development, communication skills , customer dealing skills,marketing skills and has enriched the minds of the members.

Our initiatives and business plans tend to bring out the creativity in us and encourages us to be unique and come up with non-traditional strategies. Being a part of the school business gives us an opportunity to be independent with our ideas and thoughts and figuring out a way to bring them to life and grow with it. After school, these skill sets will help us to be bold and independent in our decisions. To come up with such unique strategies, we venture out for customer analysis.

We started up this venture to earn and gain,

So as to help the needy and to reduce their pain…

In our school business, we come up with the global issues and a far-sighted approach to the problem, that profits not only us but the people in adversity too. This carves in us the dedication and empathy for the humanity and instills the importance of humanitarian and community services. Working together with “Give me Trees Trust” NGO was one of our contribution towards nature.

Being a young entrepreneur not only makes us a successful and confident personality, but also implants within us the qualities to prove as a good and promising asset to our community.




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